Toy Soldiers of San Diego
Nick & Deanna Versteeg make some very nice plastic figures. We particularly like their new Barbarians from their Roman/Barbarian range. Have known these folks for about 10 years and they are great people who stock and sell all sorts of toy soldiers and buildings and vehicles from all sorts of manufacturers.

Battle Scene Productions
Some of the greatest toy soldier dioramas you are ever gonna see. These guys do terrific work at presenting toy soldiers (Conte and others) in an entertaining , intriguing and loving way. You simply will not believe your eyes. A must see. We are working on a number of new projects with these wizards but we'll let Alex and Nick make those announcements!!

Playset Addict
This is the lair of the amazing Joseph Baker who does our Conte dioramas and most of our action packed photography. Much of his Conte work can be seen her under the "webmasters's blog" but his own playset addict site is a must see for any toy soldier buff, On his site Joe has done wonderful setups of a number of different mfrs. and also has pictures of Conte set-ups(which are not here on our site) and battle scenes where our Conte product has been 'mixed' with product of other companies. Amazing, stupendous, unbelievable are words commonly heard when folks see his stunning works. Best part is Joe is an old sweetie who loves toy soldiers like we do!!!!

Canada Toy Soldiers Club
A site recently brought to our attention where Canadian collectors (and we gather a few Americans, eh?) discuss our hobby. Loving hockey as we do, we couldn't pass them up because anyone who is a hockey and a toy soldier buff mustbe getting pretty close to perfect.

Stad's Stuff
This is the blog of Paul Stadinger who is one of the most knowledgeable plastic guys around. He posts his observations regarding old and new product as well as updates on shows he's attended along with personal musings on all sorts of subjects. I've known him so long now I can't even recall what year we met. If you find an obscure plastic figure of uncertain origin, Paul is the man I would turn to to identify the pedigree of the figure. A walking talking encyclopedia on plastic figures and playsets. He also sells toy soldiers on ebay and constantly is turning up nuggets from his travels.

A site which i think is not as well known as it should be. We know you can't play with toy soldiers 100% of the time so when you are taking time out to read something historical, check this out. If you are looking for an out of print book this is the place. We've found some really obscure historical items here.

The Ermine Street Guard
A great reenactor group who bring the Roman Army to life. If I still worked in London I'd probably be joining in. From what we 've seen this is one of the best groups in the reenactment world. Very dedicated group--- anyone who is willing to wear a tunic in the Winter in the UK is a brave Legionnaire and deserving of our support. I've been following their efforts for years.

Pirate Tree House
This is awesome. We want one. Demented but brilliant. All children and children older than 50 should have one of these in the neighborhood. A product so off the charts you need to see to believe.
Pirate Tree House

The Gordon Highlanders
The web page of the world famous regiment--soon to be immortalized in our NW Frontier range. Love this site and the magnificent history of this regiment. Don't particularly care for the prominent picture of Prince Charles and wish they'd feature battle pics of the Gordons more prominently but still a great site and cause

Civil War Trust
Want to help preserve our nations hallowed ground. This is the place. Support this group and save historic battlefields. Very worthy cause.

The Museum of the Confederacy
Military, political and domestic artifacts and art associated with the period of the Confederacy, 1861-1865.

Jorvik Viking Centre
One of the greatest Viking Museums / experiences in the world. We only wish they'd add a Ragnar & Einar exhibit. Love the animated shield wall on the site. If you ever get to England try to make it to York and experience--also be sure to see the Minster.

Gene Autry Western Museum
Simply one of the best places to go if you are cowboy fan--covers the movies, TV and real history. A must for all of us who grew up during the golden era of westerns.

Castle La Latte
One of our favorite places. The location for filming the final battle scene & sword fight of the greatest film ever made. Walk where Einar & Eric walked---tip the guard and climb to the top of the tower---the steps are smaller up there than we'd imagined. Filming the sword fight took 5 days according to some accounts and is easy to understand once you've stood. If only they would let visitors throw an axe into the drawbridge before entering!!!

Chimney Rock Park
A must see when you come visit us in North Carolina. This is where the final scenes of Last of the Mohicans were filmed. Great hiking, views, scenery.Definitely spend a second day and see Asheville and especially the Biltmore Estate

Einar himself! On My Space. What can we say that we haven't said before? The great man on myspace!!! 94 and going strong. Producer, inspiration and star of our favorite motion picture. Our Conte logo is directly based upon Mr. Douglas' sail design from the "Great Snake" Viking Ship. Hail Einar! & Hail Mr. Douglas

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
Tune in to see the world's cutest dogs. Our director of security is a Shiba.

South Wales Borderers 24th Regiment of Foot Museum
If you are a Zulu fan, you need to check this out and visit when you go to Wales!!

ANN-Margret official website
Need we say more??