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Dwarfing the mightiest!

Towering over the greatest!

The supreme spectacle that had to come thundering our of the most thrilling Continent!

On January 22, 1879, a small British garrison of 140 men held their little outpost known as Rorke's Drift against 4,500 Zulu warriors.  For their extreme bravery and gallantry, eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders, the most ever awarded for a single action.Diorama.jpg (45274 bytes)

Recreate the entire movie in miniature!

The classic movie Zulu now available as the mightiest and greatest playsets ever made!  Each set includes enough injection molded 1/32nd scale figures and accessories to set up an impressive battle - combine all three to create the entire Rorke's Drift compound.

Zulu War Series:

The movie Zulu Playsets


Zulu - The Hospital Playset #1


This wonderful set includes 16 of the 24th Foot figures and 24 Zulu warriors, all injection molded plastic with eight (8) poses on each side.  25" true 1/32nd scale, fully painted hospital with lift off roof's; detailed, hand decorated interior play space.  Four (4) mealie bag wall sections (2 corners, 2 straight).




Zulu "The Hospital"  playset #1

SKU# ZUL001 - $179.00 (plus S/H)



    The Hospital


 Biscuit Box Wall

 Mealie Bag Wall #1

 Mealie Bag Wall #2


   Zulu Warriors Set #1

 British 24th Foot Set #1 (RED)

Also Included:

Hospital Accessories, Zulu Movie (VHS videocassette), Collector Letter, and Collector Club Card


Zulu - The Chapel Playset #2


This highly detailed, hand-painted set includes the "Chapel," the "storehouse," the barricaded wagon wall, two (2) biscuit box walls, and two (2) corner mealie bag sections.  The chapel is approximately 22" long, the storehouse is approximately 12" long.  Both features highly detailed interiors accessible through lift-off roof's.  Included are 40 figures in 16 new poses (different from The Hospital).


Zulu "The Chapel" playset #2

SKU# ZUL002 - $179.00 (plus S/H)


The Chapel & Storehouse

  Interior with Pews

Zulu Warriors Set #2  

British 24th Foot Set #2 (RED)

The barricaded wagon wall


Also Includes:

Chapel Accessories, Collector Letter, and Collector Club Card



Zulu - The Last Redoubt playset #3

This set will include the redoubt and over 80 figures in approximately 36 poses (15 poses are new) - all injection molded plastic with the detail you've come to love and expect.  Also to be included in a 1,000 set limited edition run will be a replica of the Victoria Cross, a hard cover, Osprey, book made especially for our customers and other surprises/extra's.  Plus, a gift certificate for $25.00 good on future play set purchases of $150 or more as an additional "thank you" from us.


Zulu "The Last Redoubt" (Limited Edition of 1050 sets) playset #3

SKU# ZUL003 - $125.00 (plus S/H)



The Redoubt

Zulu Warriors Set #1 

   Zulu Warriors Set #2


British 24th Foot Set #3 (RED)


   British 24th Foot Set #1 (RED)

British 24th Foot Set #2 (RED)



Also Included:

Accessories, Collector Letter, "Chard's Report", Lyrics to "Men of Harlech", Victoria Cross Certificate, Limited Edition Certificate, $25.00 Gift Certificate, Collector Club Card, Rorke's Drift Book, and Victoria Cross.



Zulu - Zulu Attack mini-play set


This mini-play set consisting of accessories, the barricaded wagon wall, the biscuit box wall, and 32 figures (16 British/16 Zulu's).



Zulu Mini-Playset "Zulu Attack"

SKU# ZUL004 - $55.00



  Biscuit Box Wall   

   Barricade Wagon Wall

Zulu Warriors Set #1  


British 24th Foot Set #1 (RED)




Zulu - Men of Harlech defense set


This defense set consisting of accessories, two (2) different mealie bag walls, plus 32 figures (16 British/16 Zulu's)


Zulu Mini-Playset "Men of Harlech"

SKU# ZUL005 - $55.00

Mealie Bag Wall #1

Mealie Bag Wall #2

Zulu Warriors Set #2 

  British 24th Foot Set #2 (RED)


Zulu - The Movie


Capture the experience again!  Based on the battle of Rorke's Drift, this is the famous saga of B-Company 2nd/24th Regiment (South Wales Borderers).  Outnumbered 40-1 and forced to defend their tiny outpost against an attack by the powerful Zulu warriors, it is a stirring story of will and fighting spirit by all "fellow braves".  Sir Stanley Baker and Michael Caine are outstanding as British Officers.  One of the truly great films of all time.                                             



Zulu "The Movie"

SKU# ZUL020 - $19.95  (Available in VHS Only)



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